vendredi 1 février 2008

Si eres Extranjero

Si eres Extranjero
If you are a foreigneer

Notice please, Carabineros de Chile is an institution of recognized prestige, whose vital characteristic is Honesty and Transparency in its daily professional duty, as well as rightness and it is strictly attached to law, these conditions support the first position of credibility among surveys by the community.

Recognition that is part of the institution history. Our distinguish poetess and Nobel Prize of Literature Gabriela Mistral wrote in a report notebook of two Carabineros fifty years ago words that represent the feeling of the whole nation: “Thanks to those who guard staying awake, you are the guards of our dreams and the consciusness of the city…”

Carabineros de Chile has a solid, professional and vocational training and moral values which together with their vocation of service and the fulfilment of their duties that distinguishes them, non-waived ethical principles comes together.

If you commit a fault or a crime during your stay in our country,– according to the in force Chilean legislation – NEVER try to bribe a Carabinero, since only trying to perform this action you will incur into a crime. If it is the case you will be detained and the background of the case will be delivered to the court concerned.

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